Amplifying hygiene
through natural disinfection

  • 100% Natural & Safe

  • increased shelve life

  • increased health

  • increased growth & yield

  • increased germination & fertility rate

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    Unlike many disinfectants available in the market, Ampé does not have a negative effect on the environment.

    Safe to use
    Ampé is non-irritating to skin, eyes and is not toxic to animals and humans.

    Easy to apply
    With a 1:20 Ampé/water ratio,, Ampé can easily be sprayed directly around your terrain.

    As an environmentally friendly disinfectant .

    99,9999% disinfection, 100% environmentally friendly !

    why Ampédisinfect?

     Our use of disinfection products has, especially with the recent corona pandemic, drastically increased.

     Our understanding for the need of high hygienic standards has grown, however many of the available biocides and disinfectants available in the market today often have a negative impact on the environment, can cause irritation to the skin and eyes or are toxic to animals and humans.

     Ampédisinfect is a proven biocide with strong disinfecting capabilities, yet is not toxic to humans or animals, does not cause irritation to skin or eyes and has zero negative impact if spilled into the environment. 99,9999% disinfection, 100% environmentally friendly !

    testimonials & results

    There was one particular fish slaughterhouse in The Netherlands that had a big problem with Salmonella.

    It had failed the government health inspection already twice and would receive another inspection the coming week and they knew there was still salmonella present at their facility. As there is a strict 3 strike policy in The Netherland, it meant they would lose their operational license if they failed the inspection again.
    We applied Ampédisinfect throughout the whole place and installed nozzles at critical points and successfully removed all Salmonella and passing the next inspection.

    The following year this business won an award for best catfish production in the country and is in full Salmonella free operation until today!

    When this slaughterhouse wanted to expand their operations they could not get a new government license because they were already over the limit in regards to smell pollution to the neighborhood.

    After we installed a Ampédisinfect nozzle spray installation on top of the roof air exhaust it reduced the smell by more then 50% and they got a license to double their production.

    At Ampé we have set out to develop an innovative solution to not only prevent, but in many cases also undo the negative effects caused by these sicknesses. Amplifying health, growth and life by removing the pathogenic microbes, so that the good microbes and cells can function optimally.

    Ampé is an ionized, water based reaction created from only natural ingredients resulting in a stable, long lasting increased redox value solution of above 800mv

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